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Domain Value Advice - Plural - Singular

Discussion in 'Domain Traffic / Keyword Research' started by markb, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. markb United Kingdom

    markb Active Member

    Jul 2009
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    Im just interested for some opinions on valuing domains, for example, whats the difference in value between a singular and plural domain name.

    For example :

    what would be the difference in price between flight(co.uk) and flights(co.uk), flights gets 165,000 exacts and flight gets 14,800.

    Another example would be cheapflights(co.uk) and cheapflight(co.uk), cheapflights gets 550,000 and cheapflight only gets 18,100.

    Obviously in these two cases the plural versions get far more exacts than the singular versions and therefore would command a far higher price.

    I would also say that the singular versions of these domains are also quite valuable but not as valuable. What would you say, would be the difference in price you could expect to sell to an end user?

    In terms of development, if you where creating a website using similar domains, you could use either the plural or singular, and maybe get ranked well for both the plural and singular version of the keywords?

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  3. Bailey United Kingdom

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    Apr 2009
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    This isn't really isn't much of an issue for a domainer. The naturally searched and used term is always (be it as a plural or singular) the only one to hold. There will always be bleed to the other but that holds for any other alternatives or word combinations.

    You can find examples of the secondary term pulling in between 5-10% in a domain only sale but, that would require significant traffic. your example of cheapflight/s is going to be one of those. With others you can't even give them away - I've even offered them to buyers of the key term and been told their not fussed about the other even if its for free.
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