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Emoji Domains

Oct 10, 2016
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Would love to see this emoji domain name in the wild.

Now with mobile phones & emoji's being so easy to use it is a matter of time & they are very scarce.

Other cool ones include snowflake & watch.


There is also someone who worked out how to recieve emails with emojis in the address which is really cool

You can read the story of how he got started here:

There is quite an extensive thread on emoji domains on another forum.

There was quite a bit of speculation and discussion when they were first released. Ultimately it came to nothing and I fear a few people lost a bit of money.

Not to say there isn't hope in the future though!
yes it interesting - coms are the main ones but only a handful of true emojis were ever registered before ICANN stopped them.

Same as 1 letter coms like x,q & (the other one that i forgot!) - only 3 were every released
Yes ws, kz and a few others but didn't get mass adoption due to other issues with the TLD.

Not sure if you saw the mailoji.com link but people are using them as email forwarders. At some point i do think they will catch on.
I guess time will tell. I think one of the main things holding them back is not having emoji buttons on a pc keyboard. It's easy on a phone as they're right there. Maybe they need to make a keyboard with emojis as the Alt key option above the standard letters and symbols.
Yes agreed - will be interesting to see it play out. There are people that invested early who will do well if the challenges are overcome as you mention

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