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Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by crabfoot, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Question 1: How does blah blah affects my ranking in google?
    Answer 1: Well our algorithms are very complex. Don't worry as far as we are the only big guy in the play?

    Question 2: How do the links define my ranking in google?
    Answer 2: Our link mechanisms are getting very complex each day. So keep asking some more questions instead of learning the fucking answer?

    Question 3: How do I understand whether I get slapped in the face by big G?
    Answer 3: That is a very complex issue. How dare you mortals want to know whether we screwed your months of works because we think we have a right to put you in a sand box if we feel necessary.

    PS : No offence to the poster. I am just tired of G's complex algoritms that nobody but Matt Cutt's understand.
    Question ...: Do you have any more words to say?
    Answer .... : Did I say our mechanisms and algoritms are getting fucking complex each passing day. Why don't you go and watch a few Matt Cutt's video on youtube and speculate on whether domain registration period or loading time would or would not screw you in near future!

    I suspect big G's algoritms would be instanteneously becomes cyrstal clear if the share of the yahoo or msn would pass 30%.
  4. fish United Kingdom

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    me, i'm only a fish
    waiting to die in a toxic sea
    gasping for breath to survive
    algorithms sapping the oxygen of life
    the online ocean polluted by numbers and letters convoluted
    never should I have domains bought
    for Google, is not of shiny scales
    nor in danger, like many whales
    Google the master holding the net
    me, I am but a fish swimming against the tide
    alas! all my domains I cannot hide
    fear not my friend
    the end is near
    'tis the sandbox where your name doth appear

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