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If it sounds to good to be true

Discussion in 'Domain Name Scams' started by paulleahy, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Has anyone else has this email ??

    LEAHY PAUL, you were referred to us.
    You are approved to be part of our associate producer focus group.
    You are also invited to participate in and be part of our TV programs.

    And there is Pay!

    1. Focus Group: Get paid to give feedback on our movies and products. Year 1 estimated revenue share check amount $38,240.00. Year 2 estimated revenue share check amount $68,890.00. Year 3 estimated revenue share check amount $100,000.00.

    Since you are also a domain owner you receive 20K in website development products and services!


    2. Vacation Video News: Featuring various vacation Homes, Homes for sale, Activities and T.ravel.


    3. Other TV Program categories include: Kids and Parents, Fitness, Technology, Pets, Cooking, Danc.e, Singing, Modeling, Acting, health and wellness, E.questrian, Dating, Millionaire Dating, Internatinal Dating, Sports, My Dr. and California Business Success Story.

    If you don’t want to be part of our TV shows that’s ok, other business venture options are possible. We own many different media properties as well as high tech web development and hosting operations. You may have a business idea we could fund and invest in. See more of our TV Shows below.

    We also pay referral fees if you know someone that is right for our projects.

    Here is a website link below to see more about our company.

    Internet a.ccess link: http://www.infotvnetwork.com

    4. Home Improvement Show: Featuring your home in our Home Improvement TV Show and website. Our company funds $500 toward Home Improvement projects for participants.

    This includes:

    Window Upgrades.

    Solar Panels.


    Patio Covers.



    Walk in tubs.

    Alarm Systems.

    And more.

    You do not need to be seen in the Home Improvement productions.
    You and your property address can remain a.nonymous.


    If you are interested in participating,

    Please contact us by January 27, 2012 at:


    Production Dept

    Mike Wilson

    Call: 1-(888)-525-6283

    Ps. Below is more detailed information about us:


    The company owns and operates a fully equipped web development company and broadcast video production facility. The company integrates cutting edge, top of the line tele-vis.ion programs with world class web sites. The company has successfully implemented this business model for businesses and consumers. The level of design and programming is some of the most advanced in the world. The company has implemented features that “YouTube”, “my space”, “Face Book” and other leading web sites offer.

    INFOTVNETWORK in fact offers a much higher b.and delivery of content combined with state of the art HD and 8/10 bit SD quality video. This results in optimum quality delivery of video over the internet.

    INFOTVNETWORK offers the fastest video hosting in North America and reaches more viewers in China than YouTube. INFOTVNETWORK can create any website that is in existence today, offers dynamic server pages, database features, e-mail systems and more.

    INFOTVNETWORK, owns all of the high end broadcast video production equipment and web site development equipment used to create these products. The company also owns web servers and provides hosting services.


    Website Design, Development, Programming and Hosting

    INFOTVNETWORK offers some of the most advanced website design, development, programming and high speed hosting in the world. The company will also be offering Domain Name registration services (similar to Go Daddy and Network Solutions).

    The company has custom solutions for high end business, government and entertainment requirements.

    INFOTVNETWORK offers the fastest video hosting in North America and reaches more viewers in China than YouTube. INFOTVNETWORK can create any website that is in existence today, offers dynamic server pages, database features, e-mail systems and more.

    INFOTVNETWORK uses ASP.NET, C#, HTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL. For unlimited programming capabilities. This offers the most advanced programming solutions for websites that need the highest level of secure functionality. PHP and Other programming languages can also be used.

    The company s.pecializes in redundant data backup solutions and customer backup recurring update solutions. In addition quick recovery solutions in the event of operating system failures, power outages and disasters.

    See some of our advanced website products at Infotvnetwork.com

    Fully Equipped Production Company

    INFOTVNETWORK owns broadcast video cameras, lighting, audio gear, s.pecial effects equipment and editing equipment. The company uses state of the art production equipment for producing tele-vis.ion programs and films.

    The company has the latest in technology equipment, including top of the line “HD” High Definition editing systems.

    Electronic Products

    The company also distributes Electronic Products.

    Many of the electronic products that the company distributes use video and audio recurring content that the company produces.

    e.ducation The Company also creates e.ducational DVD’s, Websites and tele-vis.ion Programs. The company is in the process of opening Online as well as On location schools.

    INFOTVNETWORK Cable and Satellite Channel

    INFOTVNETWORK is fully equipped and ready to launch a 24 hour channel with coverage on all cable and satellite systems. The Company will be delivering a wide variety of films, tele-vis.ion programs, information videos and news.

    DVD Video Magazine

    INFOTVNETWORK Video Magazine – This DVD offers 10 different programs in a 1 hour DVD including Fitness, Sports, Entertainment and more. This will be distributed through retail stores and direct to consumers.

    tele-vis.ion Programs

    Vacation Video News see at: http://www.VacationVideoNews.com

    Fitness Video Magazine see at: http://www.FitnessVideomagazine.com

    Model Video Magazine see at: http://www.ModelVideoMagazine.com

    M TV Network see at: http://www.MusicTVNetwork.com

    V.egas Video Magazine see at: http://www.VegasVideoMagazine.com

    Industry Community Websites (With thousands of members)








    Fashion Show Events - Fashion shows feature top clothing lines and models.

    These events generate t.ravel and tourism revenue as well as sponsor and membership revenue.

    Talent a.gency and Entertainment Events: ModelVideoMagazine.com

    INFOTVNETWORK offers talent a.gency services. The company books models and actresses for conventions, events, exhibitions, tele-vis.ion programs, movies, print work and more. (See it at ModelVideoMagazine.com).


    INFOTVNETWORK will continue to offer the latest in technology. The company will expand its very successful revenue generating business practices. INFOTVNETWORK will continue to create intelligent computer programs to maintain the highest precision quality and low overhead cost.


    INFOTVNETWORK offers a wide variety of business and entertainment products. Now there are hundreds of cable and satellite TV channels as well as internet and electronic devices that can deliver broadcast level quality video. Because of this, the production and delivery of quality video content is in greater demand than ever before.

    High end web sites for businesses and government are also now in high demand.

    INFOTVNETWORK offers the most advanced programming and design services for the internet. The company creates custom web sites that include sophisticated database applications, video delivery systems, e-commerce solutions, e-mail marketing and communication systems. The company also provides hosting and domain a.cquisition services.

    The End.
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    If it sounds too good to be true.........
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