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Discussion in 'ISP' started by domaingenius, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Just wanted to point out the good Bulldog deal;
    We've done it again. In addition to rolling-out our 400th exchange and extending our coverage to almost 30% of the UK, we're now increasing the speed of our @ctive services to a blisteringly fast 8 meg.

    Why 8 meg? With 8 meg, downloading DVDs or music, or just browsing is so much better, and even huge files can be downloaded in a flash. It really will help you experience the internet the way it's meant to be.

    When will your service be upgraded?
    Your Bulldog @ctive service will be upgraded automatically, free of charge. This will happen the two weeks starting from 15th June 2005.

    Are there any download caps or hidden charges? Unlike many other providers, we don't set any download caps on any of our broadband services. You'll continue to pay exactly what you do now.

    What happens if your phone line won't support 8 meg?
    We'll provision lines to the greatest speed they'll support, up to 8 meg. This does mean that a minority of customers will have lines running with lower maximum speeds. However, even at 3 or 4 meg, our services offer great value.

    What do you need to do? Absolutely nothing. All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait. And you'll be surfing the net at superfast speeds up to 8 meg very soon.
    £39 per month including phone line.

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