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So how many uk exacts do you want for a .co.uk???

Discussion in 'Domain Traffic / Keyword Research' started by Lucky Luke, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Lucky Luke United Kingdom

    Lucky Luke Active Member

    Dec 2005
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    Clearly, the more uk exacts the better, but what number do you look for and what other criteria do you include, eg, cpc, for an unhyphenated .co.uk???

    Thanks, Luke
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. retired_member13

    retired_member13 Banned

    Jul 2009
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    Not necessarily true.

    If you're selling products would you prefer 5,000 exacts on a £500 product or 50,000 exacts on something costing £1?
  4. peacock Sweden

    peacock Active Member

    Apr 2009
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    As an affiliate, looking to put sites on the domains some of the stuff I look at is:

    - Exact Match
    - Broad Match
    - Seasonality of the above two
    - If it's .co.uk is the -org.uk, .com, .net taken and what is being done with them
    - As above but for the hypen versions
    - Are there affiliate schemes for the product
    - Can the merchants involved do a good job of converting (online)
    - Trends - will it go out of fashion / is it timeless / is it up and coming.
    - Existing search results - full of blue chip companies / quality sites or not ?

    So in other words "it depends" !
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  5. Edwin

    Edwin Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Apr 2005
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    I will go down to a few hundred exacts for core B2B terms. The B2B market just doesn't get the volume of searches that the B2C market does. For example, a piece of industrial or laboratory equipment might only get 250 searches a month. But when that piece of equipment A) has no obvious substitute (it is must-buy equipment for certain types of business) and B) is a high-ticket item, then I imagine that owning an exact match domain even with such few searches will have benefits to the companies that manufacture/sell/lease such equipment. They may only need a couple of hundred visitors a month to generate several valuable leads, after all...

    Of course, I also check to see that it's not a single-source market i.e. that there are several competing firms making the same product (or offering the same service - this applies also to specific services).

    In fact - and while every domain has to be judged on the specific merits of the niche it relates to - I believe there can be a lot more value to a B2B domain with 500 exacts than a B2C domains with e.g. 2,000 exacts. The latter is a relatively unpopular product given that it's selling to "the masses".
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