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Discussion in 'Website Wanted' started by Adam H, Dec 4, 2018.

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    May 2014
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    If any of you want some extra pennies for Xmas I'm looking to grab some unwanted sites. Not looking to spend much on each one, maybe a couple of hundred quid.

    Old forums, ideally on an old script like phpbb or vbulletin, they don't need to be active but need to have real content from previously active members and not feeds or spam saturated. ( no ASP based forums please ). Or forums which you just don't have time for and want to give them a secure future.

    Old blogs or content sites with a decent amount of content ( unique ).

    Traffic and revenue obviously not important at the prices im looking at, but would be nice for the domain to have a bit of history.

    Show me what you've got

    • Please don't ask me to make an offer, Give a price.
    • Give any relevant info
    • Domain names included
    • No preference on niche, if I think it will be useful then ill consider it. Although not interested in Adult, gambling or anything illegal
    • Happy to handle the site transfers to my servers.
    Thank you.
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