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Use Blue Light Card and Defence Discount Service for your business

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by DomainAngel, Mar 13, 2024.

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    Acorn needs a bit of an injection :rolleyes: of new visitors and hopefully members.

    To do this we need to start sharing and not just taking, not accusing anyone, just forum apathy I guess, but by not using it, one day we may lose it, or at least lose it in the sense it always has been etc

    So if you visit and have a minute, write a quick post in the sections such as this 'Business Discussions', by doing so we will get more traffic, potentially more users and even better, more buyers for domains, educating them and increasing value/offers as we go, or at worst, more people like we have here already, so not all bad :p

    So after those of you with a greater command of the English language have poured scorn on my intro and are now sat there feeling oh so important, here we go :D

    If you have an online or offline business/service the Blue Light Card and Defence Discount Service Cards are a great way to get free customers.

    You simply sign up to their businesses section and add your details and the offer to be made.

    The Defence Discount Service approves much quicker and is far less picky than the Blue Light Card when you have a business that doesn't match their categories so start here first. You appear on the website, the APP and if you have a physical location(s) their mapping system also.

    You not only get free advertising, but advertising to people actively seeking discounts who are in general, employed and/or receiving decent pensions (lucky b'stard's) so prime customers for any business.

    You could be selling your crochet tea pot covers (we all know acorners love a bit of crochet) or hiring out slushie machines, it doesn't matter you can list your business.

    For online businesses it could be just what you need, plus you get to feel good about offering discounts to the loved and valued currently serving and ex Royal Navy veterans, plus those others who hang around in uniform, you may even be lucky and sell led lights and boom a new RAF gunner customer comes your way :rolleyes: #IfYouKnowYouKnow

    Ok you get it, here's the BLC link https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/addaforcesdiscount.php

    So more acorn posts please, your all SEO savvy so don't be shy with the length, content and keywords in your posts!
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