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123/Fasthosts Renewal Status

Discussion in 'Domain Name Registrars' started by donaldkelly, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. donaldkelly

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    Right, Do excuse me if this makes no sense at all, but I've been highly confused, as I've received a different response from nearly everyone I've gotten in touch with (Nominet, Fasthosts, 123-Reg and then Fasthosts again.)

    so one of my most important domains is due for renewal on the 24th of this month. I paid 123-Reg on the 23rd of last month to renew the domain, after paying the renewal, my expiry date reflects that the domain is set to expire in 2012, and that the current status is "Renewal Request Being Processed."

    HOWEVER, I decided after a dispute with 123 that it would be best to move back to Fasthosts, so I did a standard IPS change from 123-REG to LIVEDOMAINS, and after asking, I received a few different responses about this.

    Question: Does changing the IPS tag while a name is in "Renewal Request Being Processed" negatively effect the renewal process, and if not, how long do I expect the name to remain in this state?

    123-Reg/WebFusion: No negative effect. Stays in that status for 15 days.

    Fasthosts/UKReg: Effect unknown. Stays in in that status for 30 days.
    UKReg again: COULD have a negative effect depending on how previous IPS tag holder processes domains.

    Nominet: No negative effect. Stays until previous IPS holder pays invoice. No risk of loosing the name as direct renewal becomes available after a certain time period.

    So I apologise if this is overly blatant, but have I done anything in the process of moving the domain while its in the renewal process *and* am I at risk of loosing the name? My real worry is loosing the name, as its quite valuable, and powers a dedicated server, which runs email, personal website and serves many other purposes as well. :confused:
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  3. bensd United Kingdom

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    Nominet's answer is correct; it stays in the status until the registar has paid their bill with nominet.

    Similar to the "Registration request being processed" status when you first register a domain.

    Once you have registered/renewed a domain the appropriate "... request being processed" will be be displayed and once the registrar has cleared their bill it will be displayed as "Registered".

    If the TAG has now been changed to LIVEDOMAINS then you should be able to transfer into fasthosts no problem.
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