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123-reg problems

Discussion in 'General Board' started by goldman, May 7, 2006.

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  1. goldman

    goldman New Member

    May 2006
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    Hi all, just found and joined this forum. Sorry if this goes on!
    I have 2 websites with 123-reg since feb 2006 and having major problems with 1 of them. I use frontpage and have paid extra to have frontpage extensions with 123. Site was fine uptill 3 weeks ago then stated having code 500 internal server error coming up or server timed out when updating my site. Contacted 123 they advised maybe I was not using correct password so resent this (if this was the case then would not be able to upload site in the first place). They then told me to turn any firewalls off and also any antivirus software off as this could cause problems :???: (new one on me), was not prepared to do this (again sites uploaded in the first place so this would do nothing). It has now been nearly 2 weeks that I have not been able to alter my main site:mad: .
    Then overnight my sight altered itself losing all the navigation bar, links and background picture. Rang them they was totally confused but at 50p a min they just still did not know but would look into this. Then this email arrives:
    Thank you for your enquiry regarding your Front page extensions. The best option to get these working would be to clear the site completely and perform a fresh install of the Extensions, this will make sure no previous information is conflicting. Before we do this, could you advise if you have a full backup of your site on your local PC as you will need to re-upload the site again. Please advise if you are happy for us to do this and we will proceed.

    Kind regards,

    123-Reg Support

    Also asked on my webstats on codes showing (copy from my webstats)
    Hits by Response Code

    Code 200 - OK 7971
    Code 206 - Partial Content 6
    Code 301 - Moved Permanently 17
    Code 304 - Not Modified 1148
    Code 401 - Unauthorized 26
    Code 404 - Not Found 904
    Code 500 - Internal Server Error 13

    Asked about code 404 was so high and also code 500 (they had not got a clue). Am I right in saying code 500 is their end as they said why had I rang them as this was my problem ? Again code 404 is going to a unlinked page but I had none (had checked and was all going to pages)

    Can anybody shed any light on this as I,m now starting to go a bit CONFUSED.Com:confused: :confused:
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. FC Domains

    FC Domains Well-Known Member

    Mar 2005
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    If you are using Apache then 'internal server errors' are normally caused by attempts to use Apache commands that are not allowed.

    You will have no control over this, as it's controlled by the permissions that are loaded when Apache is started. They can be set independently for each directory.
  4. zehrila Pakistan

    zehrila Active Member Full Member

    Jan 2006
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    if you have ssh paste tail error.log then we might be able to answer
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