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2 Established Proxy Sites - Making Money :D

Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by kevinbarker, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. kevinbarker

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    Mar 2007
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    Hello all,

    I have had the two domain 2 months now!

    Both sites have been submittted to 79 Proxy directories each ( I can prove this via email )

    getting a great results from Google, and other search engines to.

    Both sites in march got 250-270 unique hit each! now that i have submitted my site to the proxy dir, this month had a total of 800 visits and growing @ a rate of 70-100 each day, used a total bandwidth 8 GB so you know these sites are busy!

    I have made US$67.78 in total from both sites with adsence since Mid March!

    PM me for Web links, as i dont want google seeing URLS in this forum :D

    any offers please over 100$
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