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2 x Elite Websites + Full Offshore Company + More

Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by bigmedia, Sep 12, 2008.

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    ** F O R S A L E **

    Full Offshore company with Two (2) Fully developed,

    Unique websites + Twenty Two (22) high value

    premium domain names


    Please take the time to read this entire listing, it is extremely detailed as it
    Provides all the information you will need .On offer is something truly fantastic
    In terms of what’s included and its potential for further growth & its value.
    We are delighted to answer questions however only ones that are not
    Answered in the text below. Happy to speak via telephone, email us your
    Tel#+Area+country code & best time to call.

    Company Name: Validate International Inc

    Shares Included: 100,000 shares (100% of all share certificates)

    Registered #: 042405

    Corporate Domain: Validate International Inc // Making Business Online Easy!


    1. Original & apostelled Certificate of incorporation

    2. Original Memorandum & Articles of association

    3. Original Subscribers Resolution

    4. One set of Notarized & Apostelled copy of the above documents

    5. Original notarized Power Of Attorney

    6. Original Share Certificates total 100,000 shares

    Validate International Inc is a Seychelles IBC - an International Business Company – is the most popular and versatile type of offshore corporation available in Seychelles. As most other classic offshore companies, Seychelles IBC is a tax-free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business, with no reporting and minimum record-keeping requirements, and comprehensive confidentiality features.

    A Seychelles IBC, by the definition of the law, is not subject to any tax or duty on income or profits. A shareholder of a Seychelles IBC is also not subject to any tax on his income derived from the IBC. Confidentiality is one of the key features of the Seychelles International Business Company as details of the company beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are NOT part of public record. The only documents of a Seychelles IBC that are held on public record are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. These documents do not contain any indication as to the actual shareholders or the beneficial owners of the company.

    A Seychelles International Business Company may issue bearer shares, and there are currently no specific requirements in the law towards immobilisation or discrimination against the usage of bearer shares. In a Seychelles IBC having bearer shares, the company ownership may be transferred by simply passing the share certificate document from the existing owner to a new one.

    Fully Licensed software installed on domain include:

    - Advertising Management System with GeoTargeting from

    - ROI & Advertising Tracking using AdTrackzGold advanced web software

    - Secondary Advertising/Banner management system - AdMan

    All code/software used is purchased & licensed to Validate International Inc. We do not use nor Condone the use of warez/pirated products on our websites. A copy of the original purchase Receipts and license details along with any login information from software publishers will be Provided at time of sale.

    Website # 1

    Great Music Videos from - Only The Best Live Music

    This is a website born out of a passion for live music, It its completely custom designed from the Ground up with every conceivable element carefully planned and created to deliver a highly Visual, user friendly interactive community based website.

    Every aspect has been crafted to ensure the user/visitor enjoys their experience, but also That all advertising is strategically located to be effective but not intrusive at all. We have includedA free prize draw ‘enticement’ to our free registration page to encourage new visitors to register on the website so they can vote & comment. This is very effective low cost promotion.

    At present has around 3,000+ live concert videos spanning all genres of music Appealing to everyones taste.

    Some site features for users & site administrator:

    - Custom video player

    - Custom hyperlinked logo in video player

    - Easy Video uploading for further additional videos

    - Fully SEO Friendly – all links to all pages optimized with keywords

    - Easily import videos from YouTube and other 10 video sources

    - No language barrier – Can be used with any language

    - Integrated member's area to post comments, save favorite videos, share, report videos, suggest new videos

    - Extra security (CAPTCHA, comment filtering, blacklists, etc).

    - Add Description or Lyrics automatically for better SERPS

    - Smart Ad Placement System to insert any advertising code/banners/adsense anywhere you wish

    - Low bandwidth = Low Hosting Cost as all videos are streamed from 3rd party services

    - 3000+ hand selected live concert videos covering every genre/niche

    - 1-click Bookmarking options for users to bookmark favourite concert videos at their preferred bookmark sites

    - Member voting & comment engine to allow users to vote (1-5 stars) on the gig videos they watch

    - Easy generate code to add videos to Blogs, Myspace, Hi5 and other community sites to share content

    - Administrator admin panel to control every aspect of the entire website & content with a few clicks


    We have chosen to host the website along with the other websites for sale here on Due to their incredible support and pricing. The Dedicated server costs $100 per month although you are free to move to any other host such as a VPS.

    3rd Party Licensed software included:

    - Affiliate Management System from fully installed & customized with design. Features on request but this really is the very best affiliate management system online

    Traffic Statistics

    Traffic statistics are provided from the previous 60 days

    Total visitors: 20,538


    Perc. Country Name

    38.19% United States

    26.81% United Kingdom

    9.56% Canada

    9.50% Australia

    3.00% Philippines

    2.19% India

    1.38% Brazil

    1.00% Germany

    0.88% Singapore

    0.63% Korea, Republic Of

    0.56% Ireland

    0.56% Romania

    0.50% France

    0.44% New Zealand

    0.38% Netherlands

    0.38% Turkey

    0.31% Qatar

    0.25% Russian Federation

    0.25% Slovenia

    0.25% Macedonia

    0.25% China

    0.25% Spain

    0.19% Italy

    0.19% Latvia

    0.19% Croatia

    0.19% Malaysia

    0.19% Greece

    0.19% Argentina

    0.13% Sri Lanka

    0.13% Japan

    0.13% Hong Kong

    0.13% Denmark

    0.06% Poland

    0.06% United Arab Emirates

    0.06% Europe

    0.06% Mexico

    0.06% Switzerland

    0.06% Sweden

    0.06% Morocco

    0.06% Georgia

    0.06% Malta

    0.06% Estonia

    0.06% Belgium

    0.06% Ukraine

    Great Music Videos from - Only The Best Live Music indexed pages

    Click to View Chart

    Total Google/ AOL/HotBot MSN Yahoo!/FAST/AltaVista

    1,615 282 459 874


    Yahoo: 8720

    Google: 1


    For the past 60 days:

    Google Adsense: $132.68

    CPA Affiliate offers: $225.00

    Advertising sales: $105.00


    Website #2:

    Impersonated.Com :: Fun, Fame & Fortune

    Unique & exciting website with a fresh concept & an exciting custom design. This site has Only just gone live and so its very new.

    It is a one word .com domain that is 100% relevant to its use. High value in domain names Of this calibre.

    The potential for this site is huge. There have been left several ‘spaces/locations’ for you To insert your advertising or adsense which we have not yet added and can be easily Managed by the AdPeeps Ad manager on for flexibility and easy Campaign control.

    Again we incorporated a motivational marketing message for encouraging users to Record and upload their own video in the form prizes for best celebrity impersonation On the site. We have purchased a range of exciting celebrity autographed items

    Autographed Pictures or CD’s:

    Robbie Williams

    Britney Spears

    Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)

    Gwen Stefani

    Snoop Dogg

    Nelly Furtado

    Avril Lavigne

    Ja Rule



    Christina Aguilera has a strong social networking angle with many features to allow members To communicate, share and enjoy the content on the site as well as being able to share the Content using dynamically generated linking/display code for blogs, myspace etc offer huge potential to a prospective buyer to build a huge brand name.

    The design was created for us by an award winning design agency and every element is 100% custom hand designed for essential branding. No element has been forgotten, also has an inbuilt support ticket system to streamline any support Requests from members.

    Remember that because this site is very new you as the new owner can easily change any Aspect of it you wish.

    We will provide the buyer with full contact details for the web design agency that created The design who will be very happy to continue working with Their Abilities are stunning and the quality of work first rate. We have direct contact with the CEO Which will be passed to you as the new buyer.

    Links & Search engine saturation: (click blue numbers for info)

    Total Google/AOL/HotBot MSN Yahoo!/FAST/AltaVista

    1,754 118 313 1,323

    Back links Yahoo: x 81

    (taken form

    Assume no revenue


    These domains are of the highest quality and have an individual Value of at least $1000 per domain with many valued closer to $5,000+

    All are 1 and 2 word domains, all .coms and all keyword specific in good Niche markets.

    Asking price is only $24,750

    Payment methods accepted:

    - Escrow via only as they are universally known & trusted safe for buyers & sellers

    - Bank Wire Transfer: Send payment direct to our bank account

    - Bankers Draft: Sent via courier (Fedex/DHL/etc) only

    Reason for sale is simple. We have spent the past 10 years excluding ourselves from the real world by

    Hiding behind our PC’s day & night working online. Although it has been a fantastic & profitable journey,

    We know have a desire to work face to face to people in more of a social setting and unchain ourselved

    From our computers. For that reason we have taken over a ‘bricks and mortar business’ & are so effectively

    Retiring from online business.

    We will supply with the sale:

    - Full sale agreement/contract

    - Detailed invoice

    - Full non-compete agreement

    - Confidentiality agreement

    - Receipt for payment


    This concludes the sale listing. Thank you for taking the time to read it. May we suggest that you re-read it Just to make sure you have absorbed the real value here. The domain names alone are valued at more than The asking price, you get a fully formed offshore company worth several thousand dollars + 2 fantastic,

    Unique & exciting websites.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Revenue Details:

    Google Adsense

    CPA Affiliate offers

    Direct Ad Sales
    Traffic Details:

    Please see main description for full traffic stats, including country of origin stats for visitors. Also full details of search engine saturation, inbound links etc in main ad listing
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