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2000+ domains for sale -,

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by PocketDomain, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Feb 2008
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    !!! MULTI FORUM POST !!!

    Sample of domains in lists:

    Please make offers by posting offers to this thread. We are looking for offers that average low to middle $XX per domain.

    The lists of domains are available at We are selling these domains by the list. Please only make offers for a list by the list's filename. We will not breakup the lists any further so please do not make offers on individual domains.

    This is a very large list of domains. We have tried our best to insure list accuracy. But things happen. Before accepting any offers we will once again go though that list to verify accuracy (not expired, not transfer locked, not previously sold, etc).

    The lists are broken down by expiration month, and TLD. They are then broken down
    to insure no list has more then 100 domains. The number in each filename is the number of domains in that list.

    Sale Requirement:

    1) Payment required within 3 days of acceptance of offer: NO PAYPAL, only wires, and checks accepted (held until cleared).

    1) Escrow through, escrow may not be required for known domainers. We will pay Escrow fees. At your expense you may elect another legitamate escrow service.

    3) All domains must be transfered out within 5 days of payment receipt (or check clears our account). NO EXCEPTIONS! We are not a retail regisitrar and will NOT provide domain adminstration or any kind. We will only assist in transfering the domains to your account elsewhere. Your ownership begins when the domains transfer into your registrar account.
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