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22 .us domains, just $17,7 each!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by plavi9, Jul 19, 2009.

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    All have renewal in 2010, and you can get all them for just $390 ! Thats just $17,7 each! 2010/03/12 2010/04/14 2010/04/14 2010/05/10 2010/05/10 2010/05/14 2010/05/17 2010/06/11 2010/06/11 2010/06/11 2010/06/11 2010/06/11 NS: 2010/06/16 2010/06/16 2010/07/10 2010/07/11 2010/07/11 2010/07/14 2010/07/14 2010/07/14 2010/07/14 2010/07/14

    I want to sell them as a package, and in that case price is $390 what means $17.7 for each domain. But i will also consider any separated offer if no one post SOLD before for the whole package. In separated sale, i will ask from mid $xx to low $xxx for each. There are some great names, one worders or great development potentional like,,,, and some $390 for all them are really very discounted price. Even if you dont like all from list, its wise to take all for $390 as some of them could easily receive some $300-$400 offer, but i dont have time for waiting at the moment. So you can benefit.

    Domains are registered at Dynadot and will be pushed free and quickly to another Dynadot account. All have renewal in 2010, so you have time to resell them or to develop them even before renewal comes.
    I can accept Paypal, but i prefer Moneybookers.

    Post SOLD to claim whole package at price of just $390 for 22 domains! If i post this offer also at some other forum, then time stamp will be matter. For separated offers send me your offer via PM please, if no one post sold before. Thank you.
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