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_co_uk 31 websites/minisites & 2 domains

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by TinkyWinky, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. TinkyWinky United Kingdom

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    Mar 2006
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    Okay going to sound out some interest before I pull more detailed stats and information together.

    What are we selling?

    This is a ready made Minisite and Domain Package for someone wanting to keep themselves busy for a few months and set up some nice earnings for the future. There's 31 websites and 2 additional domains in total.

    Why are we selling ?

    We run some larger networks of sites that need our time and attention now. So free-ing up time to concentrate on other key sites is why we're selling almost all our smaller ministes that don't have any connection with the networks we run.

    In addition, due to lack of love, over the last 18 months traffic and earnings have fallen 2-3 times what you see as we have not kept at the linkbuilding, tweaking SEO and adding content etc.

    What are you buying?

    The sites, domains and content. We will supply you with flat html for all sites in individual zip files or one large zip file. Some of them you can take over the free hosting they come with.

    Any other information?

    Ideally we are looking for a single package sale - making life simpler and easier for us!

    Total Income per month for package as of last month is c.£325 (16 months ago with 4 less sites, income was c.£750-£900)

    Domains/Websites are :

    Suncreams // couk
    Premiums // couk
    MastersDegrees // orguk
    BlackberryPhone // couk
    rugbysevens // couk
    astrological // couk
    toning-belt // couk (and toningbelt // couk)
    fxcurrency // couk
    Blinds // orguk
    Cufflinks // orguk (and cufflink // orguk)
    Fridge // orguk
    SamsungMobilePhones // couk
    CompanyFormationUK // couk
    CompareCarHire // orguk
    ServicedOfficesLondon // couk
    toners // orguk
    bosespeakers // couk
    cheaplandlordinsurance // couk
    consolidating-debts // couk
    hpcartridges // couk
    ibmlaptop. // couk
    covermylife // couk
    1080ptelevisions // couk
    microsofttraining // couk
    cloudcomputing // orguk
    instantaccesssavingsaccount // couk
    carloanscalculator // couk
    FindSingles // couk
    BuyLightBulbs // couk
    ElizabethTaylor // couk

    Please send any interest via PM - minimum package price is going to be £10k+ due to domains suncreams / rugbysevens / premiums / blinds / astrological....

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  3. TinkyWinky United Kingdom

    TinkyWinky (38) Active Member Acorn Supporter Trusted Trader

    Mar 2006
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    Ok taken a couple of calls and emails and no real interest in them as a package, so I will be splitting these up.

    I will start new thread and sell in smaller groups with individual prices. Anyone that is interested in a particular website let me know by pm in the meantime.

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