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3rd party escrow

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by tifosi, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. tifosi United Kingdom

    tifosi Well-Known Member

    Oct 2004
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    Can you explain to me why it take so long to set up external escrow transactions.

    The first one took 5days for you to respond.

    I'm still waiting over 5days later for any action on the next.

    And another one set up by the buyer and myself as seller has had no response 2weeks later.

    All the information requested on the site including both sedo ID's was provided.

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  3. sedo

    sedo Sedo Staff

    Aug 2005
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    Hi Stephen,

    There are a couple of reasons why external transactions can take a while to get going.

    First of all, one thing we are trying to improve at our end is the process of assigning a transfer agent to each transfer. With transfers that are set up through our system, or those that result from our brokerage service, a transfer agent is assigned automatically and all the data is already in the system, so the process can get going much quicker. External transfer requests usually go to one e-mail address and then have to be manually assigned, before they are even read into the system. We recognise that this needs looking at, and are working on speeding up this whole process.

    If you have an external transfer that you would like to have read in, I recommend sending the e-mail directly to, rather than Alternatively, if you already have a transfer agent that you know and trust, you can e-mail them directly.

    Another problem that we often have is receiving requests for external transfers without all the requisite information. For example, we need to know (before reading the transfer in) which party is paying the Sedo commission, and this is something that a lot of people forget. So for those of you who would like us to set up an external transfer, remember to send the complete information:

    - Full name and address
    - Sedo ID (if applicable)
    - VAT number if a company
    - Who is paying the Sedo commission

    For your individual cases Stephen, send me the domain names on an e-mail or as a private message, and I'll take a look at them for you.

    Best regards,

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