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4 Names package, with development idea, CreateATribe & CreateTribe .com & .mobi

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by SkyHigh, Jan 23, 2008.

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    1 & .Mobi AND & .Mobi - Offers Invited

    Four Domains here to be sold as a package, they are:


    To maximise the potential for the eventual developer of this concept idea, I deemed it to be wise to register both CreateTribe and CreateATribe on both the .com and .mobi extensions.

    Sitting on the main .com is especially suitable since in this case, the three letters 'com' could also stand for - 'Community', which fits very well with the word 'Tribe'.

    Ok guys, have you seen or heard of this web site, a pretty cool concept that is presently viewing on the BBC in the United Kingdom: ?

    This is what gave me the idea for these domain names, but I am not here just to sell you four domain names, rather I'm here to give you a concept, an idea for how these names could be used too for business, charitable or ecological use/s.

    For all you young 20 year old somethings, with oodles of energy and bursting with enthusiastic entrepreneurial flair, these names could be developed into a fantastic business venture etc, depending on your personal skills, characteristics and overall business acumen.

    If you read the idea behind the above given link, 'TribeWanted', you could be just the individual either by yourself or with a group of friends, to take this one step further with the business/ domain name/s: CreateATribe & CreateTribe - both excellent names in their own right.

    How about you set up a community web site with an emphasis on fair trade and equal opportunity that makes money and at the same time, gives something back to everyone involved in one way or another?

    Developed properly, you could create areas where people can create their own tribes or communities with like-minded souls, thrash out ideas, seek set up funding or investment and finally bring the ideas into true focus by the implementation of such into real life practice and working models, to help others perhaps who are less fortunate than ourselves, in various parts of the globe. Look upon it as a springboard platform, helping others to realise their own dreams in life and learn something about themselves, whilst too, helping other people.

    Ok, I'll leave it there, that's it in a nutshell, the idea behind these domain names, of course, it's up to you how they are ultimately used. I will say though that I would much rather see these names used for a really good cause and/or purpose, than just some daft site that attracts very little interest or community participation.

    A few years ago, I used to work with an organisation in London that helped and assisted social entrepreneurs, a very well respected and widely known charitable trust, hence why I would love to see these names used well, ultimately to help others.

    Of course I'm in business too, and cannot and will not be letting these names go for reg fee only. Like anyone else, I need to see a profit at the end of the week, unless you can demonstrate to me, outstanding cause for why I should let you use them - in which case I will be asking you for an outline of your project proposal/s to make that judgement.

    Offers are welcome therefore from $150 for the four names. I would also like to see a sentence or two or three of how you might put these to good use to help other people. If no decent offer is forthcoming, I would like to hear from one or two perhaps, web developers and / or designers with interests in this subject and together, we could perhaps work a deal out between ourselves to get something off the floor using these.

    Over to you guys then, the balls in your court, who's coming to bat first? - All Dynadot exactly 12 months until expiry from post date

    Many thanks and best regards.

    Mark Magawr
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