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9+ Year Old Travel Domain PR3-->AirAndHotel*com<--

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by USdomain, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Apr 2007
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    Currently taking offers on a supreme Travel related domain...

    AirAndHotel*com (Air and Hotel)

    This is a 9 year old domain that was up and running from 1999 to the begining of 2007 straight! When running it was a major player in the online travel industry.*/

    If your a developer here is a nice way to jump back in and restart this mega site. Could be in the top 10 if done right!

    Still has its Pagerank of PR3

    This domain was just paid for so traffic stats are N/A

    Google = 15,300,000 and in quotes its "1,970,000"
    Yahoo = 201,000,000 and in quotes its "666,000"

    Looking for serious offers with any sort of payment begin handled via

    You may post OR pm your offers. Any questions please feel free to ask and make this domain your last MAJOR purchase of the year

    Reg with Godaddy
    reg 11-4-98
    exp 11-3-08
    9+ years cont reg
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