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Discussion in 'General Board' started by keys, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. keys United Kingdom

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    Oct 2004
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    The majority of AD forum users and visitors are likely be folks trying to make money from domains. This is reflected in the abundance of domains listed for sale and related chat.

    A separate section for (end user) existing businesses or startups might be helpful to explain the functions and advantages of a website, and the merits of various domain options. Often, such explanation to a prospective customer will be treated as a sales pitch, or too much to comprehend without a longer discussion.

    It is suprising how often we sell a domain, then the buyer asks how does it all work. A few years ago we even sold a domain to a sole trader with no internet connection, he used his local library. He was not sure what he was getting for his few hundred pounds, but his trusted techy friends had told him it was a good investment.

    Many questions may have already been asked and answered, but having them together in a simple format might attract more visitors to AD, and possibly generate a few sales or useful contacts.
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  3. Bailey United Kingdom

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    Apr 2009
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    I do agree with you in certain aspects keys but lets not forget there's a multitude of places to go to in regard to website building etc. It is a shame to see acorn become nothing more than a sales board (down to the current owner I guess) It will either turn out to be a 12 month profit return (nothing more) or a worthily build. I'm ready to Jump Ship. Lets face it most domain boards start off with the best of intentions - until profit Kicks-in
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  4. Lovekraft United Kingdom

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    So Keys starts a discussion that is a non domain(s) for sales thread and you feel the need to have yet another gripe about the current state of the forum and have a fairly unwarranted dig at forum the owner... :rolleyes: I've seen plenty of non sales threads here since your last gripe, what more do you want? Bearing in mind people outlined some very valid reasons why there might not be so many domain related discussions currently (nothing major happening in the uk TLD space, already been discussed to death, holiday season etc), I think the forum is doing just fine. I also doubt the forum is turning Steve a huge profit, and the irony of someone that has sold domains for a profit complaining about somebody else making a profit..

    I have mostly enjoyed your input to the forum in the past Bailey, but i'm just not sure these comments are fair, the for sales threads on here have always been the busiest parts of the forum since i can remember (and yes there's lot's of shite for sale, but there always has been too!)
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  5. Murray United Kingdom

    Murray Well-Known Member

    Sep 2012
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    My feeling is If you have to tell someone why they should be buying a domain, they probably shouldn't be buying the domain

    If you can convince someone to spend xxx+ on a domain just from a post on a forum, that person should not be trusted by their mother with the family cow
  6. RobM

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    Mar 2012
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    Um... who has a family cow?! :p

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