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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by dashu1, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. dashu1 United Kingdom

    dashu1 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2008
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    Hello fellow Acorners,
    we're looking to part wit ha number of websites to concetrate on a smaller number of site, so todays your lucky day!

    We would like to sell (don't forget to check our UK websites too):

    More details by site:

    Affiliate Blitzkrieg:

    This site sells a Wordpress plugin that we've developed.

    Basically it allows you to take a csv (spreadsheet) containing thousands of products and to upload it at the click of a button.

    My favourite source for this is Affiliate Window.

    It is a bone fide plug in, has been totally redesigned to work with the latest version of Wordpress, and supports multiple categories, tags, etc.

    When you upload your spreadsheet the plug in creates a product page for each line, adds images, the content, the "learn more" button, the price, etc.

    You can see 2 sites built using it at and (2nd and 5th in Google respectively)

    The old version of this earned a few $Thousand.

    I've done a small amount of advertising for this one (ie on a forum - ONE forum, NO PPC, etc), and it's done $199.95 in 20 days, AND had 30 people download the free, trial version.

    Why have I done a free trial version I hear you ask?

    2 reasons.

    Firstly, they have to sign up via aweber for it, so I can advertise other products to them.

    Secondly (and much more tastily) the free version inserts hyperlinks to the bottom of each post the plugin creates - one to the plugin site, the other to my seo site.

    This part of the coding is encoded to make it more difficult to fiddle with - so basically if someone is a cheapskate and wants the free version, then they are building backlinks for you.

    ALSO - the free version doesn't support wordpress tags.

    I'll put you in touch with our developer so you can get the links changed to whatever you like.

    At $199.95 in 20 days, that's a pro rata sales value of $3649 per year - and that's without doing any serious marketing.

    Looking for offers over £1750 for this one.

    Jason Bourne

    As I'm sure you're all aware is the name of the hero in the Bourne Supremeacy, etc.

    Never done anything with the site, earns some through Amazon, adsense, etc, but the opportunity here is that the new Jason Bourne film is supposedly in the pipeline.

    Looking for £300ish

    Doctor Who Toys

    5th in Google UK, 8th in Earns money via adsense, amazone, etc, but could really do wit ha major overhaul.

    Dr who is massive again, could be made to be very nice by Christmas and do a lot of sales - was doing £150 - £200 per month at the beginning, even in this iffy state.

    Only looking for £200 for this well established site.

    Primeval Toys

    No1 in Google UK and

    Not sure if they'll ever make a new series, but it still sells via amazon and a bit of adsense even now.

    Looking for £150ish for this one.

    Thanks for looking, please post offers below or pm, and remember t olook at the UK websites for sale.

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  3. dashu1 United Kingdom

    dashu1 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2008
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    Bee offered £125 for Doctor Who Toys - any further interest in this?
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