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Discussion in 'General Board' started by Whois-Search, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Ray King (founder of Snapnames) seems to have started back in August 2006:

    AboutUs: A Wiki About Every Website

    However I've just noticed this:

    So when you search for a domain at say you get:

    Whois Search - Domain name whois

    Which i'm sure is against the ICANN rules?

    Also if you check my "about us" page which I did not create: - AboutUs

    It shows my old whois details which I know can only now be found on Alexa:

    Related Info for:

    Which seems to be where they get most of their details from:

    SonSpring | - a Sham

    So I suggest people edit their "about us" page and even their details on Alexa. Also i'm going to add a nice scraper to get rid of "Visit for more information about" and complain to ICANN.

    Nominet might not be to happy about it either - AboutUs
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