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Accepting online virtual currency

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by SamSites, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Feb 2012
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    I'm in the process of setting up a online browser game which runs on the basis of having a premium currency & membership option to earn from. Although in early days, I like to consider things early and would like to know if anyone else accepts virtual currency/or other 'virtual' items on sites and through which payment gateway/services they use.

    Whilst researching a few that seemed to not like this, such as paypal and worldpay showed up, but others, like sagepay (which I found from a forum post on acorndomains ;) ) seem to be pretty focused, but do have a monthly fee of £25/month, which, compared to on-sale options seems to be a decentive. Plus your looking at 10p per transaction on some virtual items, and I'm thinking of having a core of selling at the £5 range, looking into a 2% or so per purchase cost to me, more then most other services.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong topic, but it seemed similar to the merchant post here. Thanks for reading!
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