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Adding value to a domain

Discussion in 'Sold Domains' started by BFTUK, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. BFTUK

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    Jan 2006
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    Just thinking about the long term development of some of my domains and sites.

    What should i be doing to add value to my names?

    I guess ultimately get extra traffic, but do things like PR add value?

    If i develop sites on the domains can they detract aswell as add value?

    For example my hosting domain (See my sig).

    I've got no plans to sell it, but its gone from Zero traffic when i registered it to 598 UV in January and a similar proportion this month, i've just ran it through a future PR check and its showing as a 2 (or was it a 3 i can't remember) (Not sure how reliable those things are mind you.)

    It also has an OV of 9.

    Indexed in Google & MSN.

    150K alexa Ranking and getting better.

    So i guess what i'm really after is an appraisal of if i was to sell it now how much might i be able to expect?

    This would then give me an idea of how to approach other domain names.
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