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Adult Domains - The time is now!

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Lifting the lid a little: (just a little ;) )

    Don't let opportunity pass you by....

    As time passes, like with none adult, all the quality names will be gone...
    State-side, they are already struggling and are being forced to look outside the dot com TLD...

    Quick Question:

    Ask yourself this one, you'll love it... Who on record are the No1 porn surfers?


    Think you guessed it... lol

    When the US webmasters wake up to the fact that UK surfers are their major market, what extension do you think they will want?

    Serious state-side and next generation adult webmasters etc have no choice but to pay up...

    Oh - another good one - US surfers love british porn... Again, another opportunity for UK extensions... lol
    Check your parking logs - You'll see where the traffic comes from other than the UK...

    Just like in the global equity markets...
    The wise amongst us are in now, ready to cash-out as the rest wade in...:cool:
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