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advice please on selling a domain inviting offers

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by kierongibbs, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. kierongibbs

    kierongibbs Member

    Aug 2009
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    Hi Looking for advice on selling some domains, is it best to put a fix price or just ask for offers

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  3. crabfoot United Kingdom

    crabfoot Active Member

    Jan 2009
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    It is best to put the actual domain names up, and invite comments.

    Nobody can steal the idea, if you have registered it. The worst that can happen is that someone might develop a similar domain in a day or two, and "steal a march" on you. If it is a good name, that advantage can be killed in a few days.

    If you are trying to sell a dead horse, the least you will get on THIS board is the address of Pedigree Petfoods in Melton Mowbray.

    99.9% of Acorn members are straight as they come, although some would argue that they are straighter than that (with extraneous words in an "unco tongue" if it's FagEnd, or two pages of potty rhetoric if it's RedKite).

    Nobody wants to publicise their ideas to the www and give them away for nothing, but registered means protected ...
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  4. wb United Kingdom

    wb Well-Known Member

    Mar 2009
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    As with anything, it is only worth what the market is willing to pay ;) putting a fixed price risks it being too cheap and getting snapped up for less than it's worth, or too expensive and putting anyone off making a purchase/entering negotiations.

    I prefer to open domains up for offers to negotiate from instead of a fixed price - this way you are keeping your options open and do not have to automatically accept an offer from anyone. You will have your own personal idea of how much you want from a sale to make it worth selling a name, which is why you will often see £xx, £xxx, £x,xxx etc on this forum :)
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