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Adwords not sticking to budgets

Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by digitalquill, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. digitalquill

    digitalquill Active Member

    Sep 2009
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    Hi all

    Can anyone enlighten me on how Google Adwords controls budgets as everyday Google seems to spend more of my money that I allow them to.

    Lets suppose I have set a £10 limit for a campaign, by the time 3pm or 4pm comes the budget is gone (I understand this part limited budget etc.) however they seem to keep showing the ads and charging for clicks so by the time the day is out it has spent £15

    I emailed Google about this and I think they got one of their boffins to reply as it just did not make sense, something about averaging out over the month, however if I know anything about averages it is that if everyday is above £10 then the average certainly won't be £10

    Am I missing something, are the good people at Google just far more clever than me or are they robbing me blind?

    Concerning as the figures we are talking are much larger than the examples given.
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  3. DomainAngel United Kingdom

    DomainAngel Retired Member

    Sep 2006
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    Google will use your daily average, as an average, and serve ads for a month based upon your average spend, so 30 times your daily budget, it does say they can go over, by upto 20%.

    It is the amount you wish to spend per month, not the amount you wish to spend daily, back to front I know, and not good when you get to day 26 and you are already over budget.

    If you are a big spender and the roi works, then going over isnt a problem.

    You tend to find the only time going over budget is a problem, is when your ads are not performing, yet you have decided to outlay an amount for exposure.

    So in essence, you or your ad manager would increase your daily budget as your ads are working and the spend is worth it, or you should suspend as it indicates to you that you need to look at your ads and campaign again.
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