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All I want for Christrmas...

Discussion in 'NameDrive' started by tifosi, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. tifosi United Kingdom

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    Oct 2004
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    45 some new templates...

    Having spend the better part of a week restructuring my portfolio there are a few things that I think are needed.

    shopping/accessories - clothes doesn't always fit.
    shopping/time & gifts/time - jewellery is close but excludes other timepieces
    electronics/sound electronics/radio - big ones missing. No subcat for hifi or growing dab sectors. Electronics full template covers the headers but not the top 3 subcategories

    Headers: clothes for marque2 are a bit bland. Better than a few belts would be nice

    Full Templates:
    3rd Business template, possibly black graphics, more orientated towards law
    3rd Property template - Home&Garden focussed on diy
    3rd&4th Marque - The two there are ok, the yellow one is more functional, but yellow doesn't always fit. I'd like the adult red/purple version expanded to all categories as marquee3 & a green version suitable for eco/garden type domains as marquee4
    Marque - a slightly darker shade of blue would stand out better.
    Shopping - long overdue. Internet is ok but not for most things e.g accessories.
    Toys&Games - The headers/classic etc are a bit hit & miss giftwise
    Baby - The baby header is good but a full template in those colours would really stand out
    Sport - would be nice. Alternative marque would cover most things.
    Gambling -Dark green/purple template would be nice
    Dating/relationship/social - Big missing template. Focussing on non-adult themes, friendship, social.
    Travel3 - another nice to have. Flights orientated.


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