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Any electronics experts out there, the magnifying glass and soldering type

Discussion in 'General Board' started by Retired_member41, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Retired_member41

    Retired_member41 Retired Member

    Mar 2010
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    well after taking that skinners advice last year I bought a Corsair gt voyager flash drive 16gb for my daughter, but decided to use it myself.

    Not skinners advice that was wrong, just that bloomin corsair lol

    Well after it having problem after problem, it finally broke yesterday, totally, cut it out and it was snapped in half, no just from the usb port bit, but properly broken in half, inbetween the actual drive and some other chip.

    Ive read on a few forums that the information I had was not important as I would have had it backed up elsewhere, but this was my backup, and to me its very important.

    Does anyone know if there are people who fix such things?

    There were lots of these type of shops in the 70's and 80's but havent a clue where they would be now or what to even search for.

    I was thinking of buying another to let someone switch the actual storage bit?

    Seems this model is a but of a dud with forum after forum slagging it off lol

    You would have thought the rugged rubber was covering a standard cased usb, but it was just rubber around a flimsy chip board that was bendy to the extreme.

    I now know I should have it backed up elsewhere but you live and learn.

    Any advice as always would be greatly appreciated.
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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. namealot United Kingdom

    namealot Well-Known Member

    May 2008
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    Yes there are specialist firms mega bucks and pretty useless most of them if you can’t solder yourself a TV repair guy should be able to solder the break back together or remove the chip (If it’s the type thats resin coated use hot air gun with a shield)

    Don’t think corsair have points that you can connect to on the PCB itself but worth a check might be on the other side of the break may look like the Flat Ribbon Connectors etc if so simply connect to those... also check if drive is removable ( pulls off plug in to pcb doubtful but worth just looking )
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  4. PoshTiger United Kingdom

    PoshTiger Well-Known Member

    Jun 2011
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    Can you take a picture of it in pieces and send it across... I used to chip playstation 2s back in the day - it might be a similar kind of thing.

    If not then a company like ontrack might be able to sort but it will probably cost £5k+
  5. crabfoot United Kingdom

    crabfoot Active Member

    Jan 2009
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    I don't know if it is useful in this case, but there is a conducting silver paint that can be used to repair broken links on PCBs.
  6. rharper83 United Kingdom

    rharper83 Active Member

    Nov 2008
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    Sorry to hear that you've lost your data - I know how frustrating it can be!

    There are companies that will recover from memory sticks for around £100 or so - might be worthwhile searching google and contacting them? I can't remember which companies I found when I searched a couple of years ago, but prices weren't as shocking as I thought they would be!
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Apr 2005
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