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Discussion in 'Sedo' started by retired_member6, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I'm not getting appraisals on here these days, so what do you get for your sedo appraisal fee? they obviously know domainers worldwide, now I know sedo's view isn't held very highly here and most would say a sedo appraisal is a waste of money, but when you get their opinion do they take their view to top domainers and say "look, good one here, we value it at this price, they'd probably accept lower."

    Or do sedo just take your money and run? Call me mad but when you're paying £20 for an opinion you expect a little bit more to happen, like your name touted about to a possible buyer or does everyone willingly get ripped off these days for naff all return? I think I answered my own question, unless they tout the domain they can go whistle.

    Also while I'm here, has anyone had any luck in the featured listings lately? I don't get offers on sedo anymore, useless, I used to. *Mind you, I only list with them, I don't park - so that goes to show something else... I was quite happy before I started writing about sedo.
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