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Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by bulkcorn, Jan 21, 2013.

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    If you are looking to catch a dropping domain name, feel free to place your order with me. I offer my drop catching services for £60 only! *Here's how it works :

    1. You pay £10 when you order a drop catch.
    2. You claim your domain if catch is successful with the balance of £50.
    3. If catch is unsuccessful, you get your deposit back. No hassle!
    4. If you do not claim your domain within 72 hours by paying your balance, you lose your £10 deposit and the name goes to the next person on the order list.
    5. I will accept no more than 3 drop catch orders per domain. This means I will refund your order if there are already 3 orders existing for that name.
    6. I will not publish details of any drop catch order pre-catch.

    If you like the sound of the above, place your order at


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