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bargain .com with software

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by deemee, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. deemee

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    Sep 2011
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    value .com with software in popular market area

    Hi ( I have edited this post but cannot appear to edit the title)
    I have this brandable .com domain below for £600 ONO (sensible ones) (no Vat, transfer to be done by buyer but i will knock of the cost of this eg just actual nominet costs), escrow is possible if you prefer, bank transfer and paypal both acceptable.

    It was for a site I built (not optimised as it was for a project that was to be licensed to certain companies
    (nothing dodgy) Due to other commitments I didn't have the time.

    It had software with it which i was including for free but i have just come to use it for the first time in 3 years and the software isn't working (I am not a coder so havent a clue why but think it might be due to browsers and servers being updated)

    i will still give this free as a coder might be able to do something with it and it would allow copy rights to copy it and sell it etc.
    Also there is now quite a lot of open source software out there that can be embedded for free into a site with this name.

    Every month thousands of people are searching for sites to do what the software was intended to do check out these google keyword searches which obviously are not exact matches but as with any brandable name e.g twitter
    (no one is searching for it exact until it becomes recognised

    that does not mean there is not amazing market potential for brand visionaries to take advantage of.

    The domain is This is a great brandable name

    google searches in the image manipulation market are shown here below as this is a .com i have just shown the global exact search numbers

    picture editor 823,000
    edit pictures 1,220,000
    make pictures 1,500,000
    make pictures online 60,500
    make cards online 60,500
    make a picture
    out of pictures 40,500
    make pictures
    look cool 2,400

    make cool pictures 14,800
    make pictures
    online for free 8,100
    make pictures cool 14,800

    make funny pictures 40,500
    make funny pictures
    with photos 33,100

    make pictures funny 40,500
    make your own pictures 40,500
    website to make pictures 14,800
    sites to make pictures 9,900
    make pictures with text 18,100
    kind regards Dee
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  3. aZooZa

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    Does it access the Google API?
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