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Be afraid. Be very afraid

Discussion in 'General Board' started by scooter, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. scooter United Kingdom

    scooter Well-Known Member

    Apr 2006
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    Mike Huckabee wins the Iowa caucuses :???:

    What the feck is going on over there in the "good ol USA"??? If you think George Bush is scary, think again.

    If this man ever gets near the White House, you should all be afraid and I mean very afraid.

    He is an extreme bible basher.
    He believes in Adam and Eve and that we really didn't evolve. :rolleyes:

    He urges voters to pick a candidate who speaks 'the language of Zion' as a 'mother tongue'. :shock:

    At a recent rally in Dallas, he quotes:
    "If you're with Jesus Christ, we know how it turns out in the final moment.
    "I've read the last chapter in the book, and we do end up winning."

    and this man has just won in Iowa??? Any americans here? What's happening over there? Have you lot lost your marbles?

    Oh dear. Just as well I built me nuke shelter at the bottom of the garden last year. If anyone wants any advice, let me know.


    You can read about him here:
    Could gun-toting, guitar playing preacher Mike Huckabee strum his way to the White House?

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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. GreyWing

    GreyWing Retired Member

    Aug 2006
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    Agree totally, there is only one thing worse than fundamental Islam and that is fundamental Christians.
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