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bestproxyworld(info)PR 4 | 3,000 + unique visits daily | 6k Backlink | Alexa: 241,299

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by ibinod, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. ibinod

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    Dec 2007
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    Domain Name: bestproxyworld(.info)
    Valid PR 4
    registered with godaddy
    with aorund 6,000 backlinks
    website included (if you want)
    Actually this was a proxy website which i bought sometime ago but due to webhosting problem i have to sell this.
    What can you do with this domain,
    you can forward the domain traffic to anywhere you want either to your main website or proxy website.
    Or get a good webhosting and make good money running the proxy website
    Or since it's a pr 4 domain you can start a proxy listing website too, with it's traffic and pr it could do well in the market.

    i wouldn't sell it, if i didn't have a webhosting problem

    Check traffic stats here below

    i don't have awstats for previous month for this domain because of webhosting problem(transfer & suspension)
    but the site was up today for sometime, i have awstats for today

    Starting bid: $55
    increment: $10
    bin: $500

    if you want to offer your own bin price please make a best offer of this figure $x,xx than it's yours
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