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    Sep 2007
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    My name is Mark and I own the Sole rights to two Premium Domain names;

    * &

    Develop a new or existing business
    I feel one or both of these may be of benefit to your company , With ever growing demands to meet targets in these unsettled times , Business’s need to work even harder to stay ahead of the market; and with the UK public borrowing more cash than ever this is a good opportunity.
    If you want to move your business forward , Gain a great deal of Custom , Enhance your Brand , Increase your Market Share and PROFITS , Then the purchase of a new Domain which could set your business in a different section of the market , This could be what you have been waiting for !

    Each Site Domain can be used as a forwarding domain to your existing website to pull in more hits , Customers and profits ! This could mean having a bigger Potential for a new Professional ,Unique Website which has been partially developed already on a page , However the possibility to develop these sites are as big as your company aspirations

    Market Potential

    The Student loan market is reportedly worth over 3 Billion a year with Total UK personal debt at the end of July 2007 stood at
    £1355bn ( source
    To sum up what is on offer , The above Domain name is for sale !
    as well as
    For any existing company this could be a forwarding url or a new name for new loan , finance or mortgage company

    This domain already has a web page for you to view all the details !

    Site Sale & Marketing
    I am Currently in discussion with several other large high street and online companies in the Loan and Mortgage markets although I have only just started this , Also I have begun to publish this site to over 400 search engines ( Inc Google , Msn + Yahoo) , More search engines are available on request , I have decided to do this so should the site be taken on , The searchable tags and descriptions will only have to be updated and trade can begin almost straight away e.g. typing loan on google will prove a result !

    I am also using Google Analytics which has been re-designed to help you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site as well as learn about online marketing initiatives , This will take only several days to take effect

    I have developed other sites and have personally worked on this project using the expertise of one of the UK’s best rated companies owned Pipex who won Web host of the year 2006

    Website Potential

    The potential is endless !! I have web host (pipex) as the site server although this can be transferred although they were voted the best provider for 2006 by several magazines ,and they offer the following services should you wish to use these. The site for small fees per month can have:

    #Web hosting #Unique , Professional and easy Self website building packages
    #E-commerce# Accept credit cards through a secure provider
    #Dedicated Servers # Unlimited Bandwidth
    #Company Emails#
    # Free file storage#
    # Website Promotion# and more details below

    *Company email addresses ( as many as you like)
    *Unlimited storage , access accounts from anywhere , as can staff if they have passwords for the easy to use sign in page
    * Managed servers with no tie ins or contract
    *500 mb website size and up to 5000mb traffic
    *Accept credit/ Debit cards online , SSL Secure

    If you have any further questions please contact me via my telephone as this is the fastest way

    Contact Mark Boardman

    These are premium domain names where the site & promotion has already started to be developed . Once transferred the buyer is solely responsible for the development of the site ,
    Full transfer will be made with exchange of Domain by Post recorded with my Solicitors Roger Green & Co acting on my behalf as escrow for payment

    I welcome offers over £20k for each and a discount for both ,This is based on the the fact of the name Recognition , Name length , Branding Potential as a .com or , Linguistic Value , Search engine Value and Comparison with other Domain names such as

    Many thanks


    Mark Boardman
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    If you are interested in these names please PM the OP.

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