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Branding becoming ever more important for search engine rankings

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by Brassneck, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Brassneck United Kingdom

    Brassneck Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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  3. cc976a

    cc976a Well-Known Member

    Jun 2007
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    I guess this was always going to happen with the way G are going. People talk, share, tweet, recommend, criticize, review, report on brands

    All these social links, likes, tweeds and retweets will sit very favorably in a SE where social signals and authoritative links are king

    Interesting news about the forthcoming update - maybe they're gonna put everything back again :)
  4. 3AC United Kingdom

    3AC Active Member

    Feb 2009
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    It's not something to worry about...Keyword rich domains can still be brands. The reason for the EMD penalties was because people were building rubbish links from blog networks etc. and not thinking about the quality of their content.

    Google can't actually distinguish whether a word is a "brand" or not. It relies on lots of signals to indicate what it thinks a "brand" looks like. It uses things like Latent Direchlet Allocation amongst other statistic analysis formulae to determine how it should rank content from a website.

    Brands don't have lots of crappy text links from directories or wordpress blog networks...brands have a good mixture of text, image, social and no-follow links. Brand text links are a good mixture of their website name, brand name, generic keywords and "click here" links for example. Link ratio is also important - this is the difference between the number of links from unique root domains to total links. A big ratio would indicate that the site has lots of sidebar/footer/sitewide inbound links which are a classic indicate of spammy-SEO link building techniques.

    The extra visibility in the SERPs from site links (the 6 extra internal links) is due to sites having good site architecture and overall authority.

    Sorry to waffle on, could talk on this all day (And I do!...)


  5. namealot United Kingdom

    namealot Well-Known Member

    May 2008
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    Why is it such a surprise...? Its progression the minute you have competition you’ll get a “brand” of sorts it was always going to happen the same as business have done so for years, most being there name e.g. Jones boot makers William hill etc it would have been impossible to differentiate if they were all called the service etc they offered…

    The net at the start Generics, emd etc faired better as less people used it, If you were looking for ABC then ABC.whatever was the logical place to start. The proliferation of junk affiliate, adsence non development etc of so many probally hasn’t helped in a battle with branding? It also helped that search engines, public in general were less savvy to?

    Generics, emd most there importance will whittle away to nothing or there meanings be lost as with orange, apple, three etc. It was always going to be "Brand" rather than Generics etc selling the product service etc in the end.
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  6. dashu1 United Kingdom

    dashu1 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2008
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    This is why I registered brandoptimisation co uk a wee while back.

    I think it'll become the "next big thing".
  7. bermuda

    bermuda Member

    Apr 2010
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    The matter of branding is not actually very new in terms of having websites optimized and domains promoted and this has been previously noticed in some shopping areas on Google as well. For example, even in the past for a lot of niches and shopping-related markets, when you searched Google, you could find links to Amazon among the other top-performing internet sites, even if the pages did not have lots of incoming links, nor were all of them properly optimized but the power of brands helped them.

    A similar case would be Wikipedia, no wonder in nearly all queries you perform and searches you do you find some links of that portal, even the ones that just have a couple of links compared with the other heavily promoted sites. If you maintain a website, apparently one that has lots of original, unique contents and your homepage acts like a brand online, favored by a lot of people, many of your internal pages too will have great chances of having satisfactory spots on web engines.
  8. RobM

    RobM Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Mar 2012
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    Unfortunately having a brand means also having a product - and most speculators don't have one of their own.
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