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British company has the .com, but not the ?

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by KingDomainNames, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. KingDomainNames United Kingdom

    KingDomainNames Active Member

    Oct 2010
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    I was on Tweetdeck yesterday and noticed an article about a company who have a website called
    At the time I thought "interesting idea - good luck to them".
    After watching "how to win in Dragon's Den", I thought to myself "I wonder if they have both the .com and ?" as the start-up (I think it was the lookalike company) on Dragon's Den only had the for their company and not the .com (and Peter Jones seemed dismayed).

    So I took a look: was FTR ('Free To Register' for newbies), as were lots of other extensions.
    I thought it strange, but then that was that - time for a cuppa, etc.

    Had a little look again this morning, and the domain is now registered.
    But NOT to the guy who owns the .com !
    Just thought it was interesting that the was registered so soon after the press release.

    I thought it was normal practice for a uk company to at least buy both the .com and the at the same time if they can.

    Has the .com (and company) owner missed out here ?
    Does he have any case to try and obtain the, even though it was free to register ?
    Do more experienced domainers think whoever registered the is playing with fire by possibly copying an idea ? or is the term generic enough not to be an issue in this case if the usage for the was to be different (not sure how though!)
    There appears to be no TM on the term on the website.
    Sometimes on Dragon's Den the dragons will say to someone that their idea could be copied if there is no TM or patent.

    Just curious, many thanks in advance for any thoughts on this,

    Note 1: I personally wouldn't look to buy the as I don't think it is morally right, but that's my view.
    Note 2: I'm also posting this to help other newbies to learn what NOT to do when starting out in domaining, as I've seen a few TM domains from newbies posted on this forum recently.
    (I thought this thread may be better in this section, but if Admin wishes to move it to the New Domainers section, then apologies in advance)
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  3. Bailey United Kingdom

    Bailey Well-Known Member

    Apr 2009
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    For a general term (nothing with any geographical Search significance) Then NO - why would you want any of the thousand other myriads - sure traffic bleed. You'd be surprised at the number of net ID's that don't see the value in going into "other extension presence"

    Yes they might "unresolve" but boy they hate diluting - and thats what they think is going to be the result of multi-Ids
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