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Broker/Developer wanted for large finanacial names portfolio

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by namespin, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Aug 2008
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    Hi people,

    I represent company Financial Domains, Inc from NYC which owns large domain name portfolio (1500 .com, .net, .info domains).

    We are looking for developer (and/or broker) ready to develop and monetize 1500 YACG or some other massinstall tool sites asp.

    Domains are premium domain names (keywords) in language other then English and they are all targeted to financial niche of ONE entire European country!!! This is cca 24.000.000 people.

    They all consist exactly of following keywords: stocks, brokers, options, forex, trading, banks, fund, credits, loans.

    When you try to search for any possible financial term in this language in AdWords, all the results what you receive on the lists - 100s of them (trademarks-no) - are our domains.

    Domains are practically new and never developed. Those domains even now - and Google and other search engines does not even see them because they don't have any content and they are not even submitted - generate cca 10000 unique views per month.

    Developed, with XXX.XXX unique view per month they make the greatest possible "vehicle" for any bank, lead generator, stock broker, publisher, Internet marketer to DOMINATE in financial niche of entire region. Just to mention that, for example, bigest local business portals with tens of employees and lot of money invested in to the marketing and optimization generate like this: cca 50.000 - 70.000 unique views per month.

    This gives them a value in XXX.XXX USD. I already speak with CEO of company (no names yet) from Vienna, Austria (this company is part of biggest Internet marketing company in Europe, owners of more then 70 biggest European portals - an between the other - owners of!).

    They are very interested for those domains.This CEO guy even start calculating during the meeting, while he was reading the entire list of domains: " I am will use this one for leads, this one for redirects, this one for new campaigns for this bank, etc, etc...

    He even ask me for the price on the end! I wasn't ready for such a question and I just said like I am doing this shit every day: 500.000 USD. He wasn't surprised at all. He want me to meet him again in a week or so, but I just want to go further with my domains. I want Google to start see them and getting PR.

    This will be kind of branded portfolio and this will be his power. Entire financial niche. When some big local bank (just to mention that all big, rich, juicy European bank are present in the region) or some other institution realise what power they will have with those domain over their competitors, they will be ready to pay a LOT.

    This is what we looking for:

    - English speaking Developer/ Broker for those domains who is able to help us develop those domains with YACG or some other tool.

    - Once that domains are develop to some extend, we are ready to SHARE THE PROFIT with the developer generated from AdSense or some CPA in 50/50 way (We can even put banner or two of some of our own fast developed product, like ebook, forex alert, expert advisor: there is a lot of this cheap PRL stuff around...!)


    - when buyer shows up - Broker/Developer will receive 10 % of entire sale. I am sure that this will be in mid to high XX.XXX region.

    - If you take COMPLETE MANAGEMENT of entire portfolio until they are sold, you will have 15 %.

    - this is very important. There is no way that English speaking person develop those domains in to the Mini Sites. But, even better in one way - no need for expenses, articles, unique design, etc... Thats why I mentioned YACG.

    About YACG: I mention YACG because the most important thing is that YACG doesn't have language barrier. YACG just grab the content from keywords. This is what I need. We take keywords for out together, you just grab the content (If you suggest some other content generator, please use it)

    Please, serious people only.

    Best regards,
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