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**BULK LOT** 16 Domains Some Aged..YRKK(.)com + MORE

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by USdomain, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Here is my COMPLETE portfolio. Looking for serious offers on all listed. I want to sell this as a BULK LOT and I need the funds for a life project. Please ONLY SERIOUS OFFERS to these 16 domains

    Payment will be made via and with a 50/50 split in fees.

    Post or PM your offers and this could go anytime so offer what your willing to pay. Thank you in advance for looking.

    **Multi-Forum Post**

    DXUY(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 8-18-07
    Exp 8-18-08
    Dangerous Xray Under You

    DXYU(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 8-18-07
    Exp 8-18-08
    Deliver Xtra Yellow Umbrellas

    JZNY(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 4-29-06
    Exp 4-29-08
    1+ years cont reg
    Jay Z New York
    Join Zoo New York
    Jewish Zone New York
    Japanese Zippers Neon Yellow

    MZYA(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 9-17-05
    Exp 9-17-08
    2+ years cont reg
    Sounds like Miss Ya
    Must Zip Yourself Always
    Music Zone Youngstowns Alabama

    NUQB(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 10-7-07
    Exp 10-7-08
    No Ugly Queen *****es
    Never Underestimate Queen Bee
    Nightly Underated Quick Blog
    New Users Quick Books

    NVCX(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 8-7-06
    Exp 8-7-08
    1+ years cont reg
    Nevada Cycle Xgames
    Nevada Checks
    New Vehicle Check Xpress

    PFIV(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 1-11-05
    Exp 1-11-09
    3+ years cont reg
    TLD taken .net, .org, .info
    People Forget Im Valuable
    Pop Figures In Venice
    Police Fire Investigation Verified

    QBVP(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 11-1-07
    Exp 11-1-08
    Quaterback Valuable Player
    Quit *****ing Vote People!
    Queer, Black & Very Proud

    QMVY(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 11-1-07
    Exp 11-1-08
    Quiz Men Very Young

    QYIZ(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 9-20-07
    Exp 9-20-08
    TLD taken .net
    Typo for the word Quiz + Sounds like quiz

    TXUD(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 9-5-06
    Exp 9-5-08
    1+ years cont reg
    Texas University Dorms
    Texas Uniform Delivery
    The Xray Urology Dept

    UCLQ(.)com GODADDY
    Reg 6-10-06
    Exp 6-10-08
    1+ years cont reg
    Typo for UCLA

    YRXQ(.)com MONIKER
    Reg 11-20-07
    Exp 11-20-07
    Year Round Xray Quiz
    Year Round Krispy Kremes

    SXOZ(.)com DYNADOT
    Reg 11-25-07
    Exp 11-25-08
    Sex Oz

    Reg 11-28-07
    Exp 11-28-08
    TLD in .cn, .org
    Has meaning in China

    OQSL(.)com ENOM
    Reg 6-20-07
    Exp 6-20-08
    QSL is a Ham Radio term for a confirmation of contact in the form
    Of a personal contact card.
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