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Business Ideas II

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by Lucky Luke, Mar 6, 2015.

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  1. Lucky Luke United Kingdom

    Lucky Luke Active Member

    Dec 2005
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    Borrowing from Sean's Business Ideas thread, I have a bunch of domains that I registered (one was bought) way back but done nothing with until now. I have mentioned some of these before on here years ago, but my other work kept me away from developing any of these.

    However, my circumstances have recently changed and I now need to get on with the one that stands the best chance of financial success but within a limited budget. I do have the time to dedicate to it.

    Whilst I recognise that coding, designing, marketing and writing about one's passion makes the work a lot easier, I am in a bit of a spot so the one offering best moola (on a limited outlay) will be the one I select.

    Some of the domains appear quite nice but often the space/niche is well filled by government funded websites and with few advertising prospects. Other spaces/niches are well filled already by companies, etc. Competing against these may involve extra services, eg, travel agency, which I can't provide.

    I may have to sell one or two names to fund the development of the chosen one.

    Anyway, here are the domains and a few ideas....

    CareerAdvice & CareersAdvice (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    Nice EMD. Masses of work to write (ie, plagiarise) descriptions of each job out there - perhaps initially focus on the 100 most popular jobs. Could give CV and interview tips. It won't carry job adverts, but maybe affiliate links to job sites. Could also affiliate to CV writing services and psychometric testing. Loads of government sponsored sites there already and great sub-sites attached to the likes of Monster, etc.

    InvestmentAdvice (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    If I were a licensed Financial Advisor, then this would be fab. As I am not, it is probably best sold. (I asked the other day about this under 'domain appraisals' and Accelerator gave a neat reply - ta.) There may be other ways round the FCA regs ... suggestions below please ;)

    HenNights & StagNights (.com); (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    Not really my cup of tea (It seemed like a good idea back in 1999!) Good for affiliate links. Leading stag & hen websites offer travel agency as a key selling point. I wouldn't be able to do that. The sites would need lots of design to make them attractive and a fair bit of writing to avoid the thin penalty.

    OnlineCatalogues (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    A true affiliate site. The term 'Catalogues' gets lots of searches, but the content would inevitably be a bit thin. Some existing sites could do better and I think this one stands a racing chance against current competition, but I am happy to be corrected.

    WhatHoliday (.com); (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    This could be great with the proper investment, but in a very competitive space. It would run under the .com, but needs a lot of work to rank. Would it be a review/feedback site (TripAdvisor watch out) or just a brochure site (affiliate links galore) ? A bit of a beast, in truth.

    SelfEmployed (.co)(.uk) and (.uk)

    The space has some good government sites but they are fairly dry. I'd try to put more of a 'warts & all' view of being Self Employed. I'm reluctant to start a forum. Advertising is a bit patchy, but there are tax advice, accounting services affiliates out there in addition to a fair number of mortgages, loans and insurance. Adsense possibly? There are 4.5m self employed in the UK and quite a high turnover. This domain name doesn't get any better for this niche, especially as just a neat .UK

    So there are the ones that may have legs.

    It's strange that I had always kept these domains as a bit of an insurance policy against adversity. I didn't develop them as I was doing nicely elsewhere. Well, my circumstances have changed and I now need to claim against that insurance policy. To help me make the best choice, I thought it would be good to chew it over with some experienced domainers/website developers/affiliate marketeers. I believe Acorn is the right place to ask for a bit of help.

    Your suggestions and advice will be gratefully and openly received. Thanks :)
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  3. accelerator United Kingdom

    accelerator Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    This is by far and away the one with the most potential. However, it's all going to be in your development expertise as to whether you can make a go of it or not. It's not going to be quick or easy money, but the potential is there. The domain is also excellent.

  4. martin-s United Kingdom

    martin-s Well-Known Member

    Jul 2012
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    A couple of nice names there.

    I'd go with this one. Fill it with interviews with business owners about their journeys (successes and failures). I love that sort of stuff.

    A lot of business owners are pro-active about self-improvement and optimising how they do things. That isn't true of career advice - in my experience too many 20-somethings just expect life to fall into their lap!
  5. Adam H

    Adam H Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    May 2014
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    Agree with Martin, could be interviews and general advise for sole traders alike.

    Also like the investment one which can cater for a vast range of different types of investments.

    Not really a fan of any other the others.
  6. SF

    SF Well-Known Member

    Jun 2005
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    Quick glance liked the domains,
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