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_org_uk CampingToilet - Established Minisite with Revenue - Looking for £125

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by satch, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    I would like to sell my minisite I am asking £125 for it. Buyer pays Nominet fee. Payment via BACs or paypal. Please ask any questions below, or post 'SOLD' to claim.

    I set the minisite up in the summer of 2009. With only a few inbound links it quickly ranked highly and has always been on the first page for the term 'camping toilet', for a long time it was either first or second place (competing with Amazon). In the recent Google Panda update it got bumped down, it is currently about #10, check for yourself though.

    When I set it up and it ranked highly I left it alone to earn the pennies. Since then I have never done anything with it, so it has laid exactly the same for over 2 years, same content and same inbound links (which are few).

    Domain recently renewed so doesn't need renewing until April 2013.

    The website is powered by wordpress, all content is unique. I wrote all the content myself, and also did the design myself (like the background colour? I thought it was on topic ;) )

    It has always ranked very well for its keyterm as I said. Because it ranked well for it's key term I left it as-is, so it could certainly benefit from a couple of fresh quality inbounds. The ranking remained unchanged after the initial 'Google Panda' update, but the most recent Panda update moved it from about #2 or #3 (varied day-to-day) down to about #9 or #10, once again varying slightly so check for yourself. As I said the site has few inbounds and would definitely benefit from a bit of work on that.

    I've never used Googly Analytics on the website so I'm afraid the only stats I have are from the server. I've attached a couple of 'Awstats' screenshots for 2010 and 2011. The traffic is very seasonal, the summer months are obviously alot higher then winter months.

    Amazon Earnings.
    October 2011 (upto 23rd) 174 clicks - 1 order - £2.49 earnings
    September 2011 - 186 clicks - 5 orders - £9.90 earnings
    August 2011 - 524 clicks - 36 orders - £41.23 earnings
    July 2011 - 645 clicks - 39 orders - £34.27 earnings
    June 2011 - 668 clicks - 37 orders - £35.16 earnings
    May 2011 - 612 clicks - 33 orders - £34.76 earnings
    April 2011 - 494 clicks - 29 orders - £34.42 earnings
    March 2011 - 373 clicks - 11 orders - £12.74 earnings
    February 2011 - 237 clicks - 2 orders - £1.85 earnings
    January 2011 - 188 clicks - 3 orders - £2.68 earnings

    2011 Earnings Total so far - £209.50

    December 2010 - 87 clicks - 3 orders - £1.73 earnings
    November 2010 - 145 clicks - 4 orders - £6.23 earnings
    October 2010 - 168 clicks - 3 orders - £6.18 earnings
    September 2010 - 290 clicks - 11 orders - £12.24 earnings

    No Amazon data is available pre-Sept 2010 because I was also using other domains on the same Tracking ID, however I sold those websites in September 2010 so the tracking ID became exclusively used on this domain.

    Other Income.
    When I first started the website it had Adsense on it, but it was generating less than £1 per month so I removed it. I've never sold any text links, advertising space or had any other revenue. So Amazon is the only true revenue ever generated on the website.

    Reason for Sale.
    I no longer want to run minisites, this is one of my very last few so it's time for me to sell it.

    Just to reiterate. I am asking £125. Buyer pays Nominet fee. Payment via BACs or paypal. Please ask any questions below, or post 'SOLD' to claim.

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