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Candy Floss Website + 2 Related EMDs

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by shane8960, May 1, 2012.

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    This one is a bit different to the other sites I've sold for a few reasons:

    Multiple domains included:
    1) CandyFlossMachines [] - 170 Exacts - Main Site
    2) CandyFlossMachine [] - 2400 Exacts
    3) CandyFlossMaker [] - 1300 Exacts

    Basically when I setup the site a couple of years ago, most variations had gone so I registered

    A couple of weeks back when I was checking a few domains, I noticed 2 variations had become available, so registered these as well.

    Site had been ranking number one for "Candy Floss Machines" and on the first page for "candy floss machine" - however lost all its rankings last week with the last update. Could be a good time to switch the main site to the new high exacts domain.

    The clickref was only setup during last year so not 100% sure on earnings - looking at the number of candy floss machines sold, I would imagine the earnings in the last 2 years have been around £500 (ie £250 per year). Obviously Christmas is the busiest time for these.

    The site runs on wordpress. I have a script on one of my other sites which updates the prices and stock availability of the candy floss machines in a central database which is then used on this site. This script will stop working shortly once I have sold all the sites. I can install and setup the script on your host for you for an extra £25 if required.

    Due to the drop in the rankings, looking for £100 for the site and extra 2 domains for a quick sale.
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