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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by satch, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Hi, this is an auction for the traffic domain, all details listed below.

    Price: offers from £15
    Auction Closes: Thursday 7th Feb - 19:00
    BIN: £100

    Auction Terms: Buyer to pay nominet fees, payment via direct bank transfer or paypal.

    Domain Details:
    Indexed in search engines since October 2006, quite a few mature backlinks from articles + dir submissions. The domain has sat doing nothing for nearly 12 months but still has some keyword rankings.


    Current Google Rankings (without exclams):
    "british casinos" - 11
    "casinos in england" - 13
    "gambling face" - 4
    "casino nation" - 1

    Current Traffic:

    Domain had 82 uniques in Jan '08. Traffic before March '07 not available due to hosting change.

    Domain History:
    When first regd the domain had a search engine script on it for users to search for online gaming sources.
    Promoting this was where the existing backlinks came from. After about 6 months the script was removed and
    just replaced with what is there now (a free template). It has sat doing nothing since then.

    The domain was going to have a blog put on it with regular posts about casinos across britain, as well as online casinos. The project got put to the side and Im never going to get round to it, hence the sale.

    Hit me with any questions you have! Thanks, Chris.
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