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Chasing the news...

Discussion in 'Sold Domains' started by, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Dec 2005
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    Thought this may be of interest to some...

    They say in the markets, don't chase the news...

    Seeking to find if this applies to domains, I've been running a few names to see...

    So far found this:

    1 - starduets - show was cancelled - had offer on name but never completed.
    2 - celeb x fact - looks underway but I'll need to see if traffic and ctr are worth the effort.
    3 - B Sp rumour of a S** tape - maybe '1 night in P' round 2 - if it comes to light.
    4 - origami - sam**ng just announced q1 product - yesterday auction sale one sold for 200+ - manufacturer name is trademarked so
    used keywords to make the names - see what happens.

    It appears to me that the market saying applies to domains too...

    IMO - Exceptions to the rule must be their as in the markets but, personally, the speculation appears to not be worth the time, effort or investment...

    Anyone else got any other feedback on this?
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    Apr 2005
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    I suppose it depends if what makes the news stays the news but before you figure that out, someone's probably flipped it already, for instance what is the news now was probably invented five years ago and is already registered, so you don't need news there you need a science mag.

    I don't think you do too bad at it though?

    Me? I've had several offers, turned them all down and now I'm being DRS'd by some cheeky scally trying to steal a domain, count yourself lucky. :mrgreen:

    Incidentally, whole markets are better than the individual item but then it all comes down to who's buying again, that one individual item could sum up the whole market. I tend to go for dual use domains now with the odd hiccup, those I can develop as well as sell on if I can't/don't wish to develop within the next five years.

    You seem to be competing with the likes of 'LondonBridge' so it would seem a busy market.
  4. rob

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    Jan 2005
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    I have found that certain types do works and some dont.

    Examples I can remember off top of my head:
    - , Javine did eurovision a while back only sold for couple of hundred max.
    - - sold it earlier on before it became 'word of the year' etc but still a few hundred and worth today not fantastic.
    - robosapiens , did well out of a relavant site cashed in on sales then sold the site.

    So probably have turned the £15 for those into ~£1k However there are a pile of £5 gambles that dont pay off and can be hassle / long time frames involved :)

    It depends on outlook, generally I would say go and give it a punt but be prepared to cash in at low/mid £xxx and dont assume that The Next Big Thing will be worth trillons and can cash in tomorrow :)

    For the record, the latest 'punt' is ... :)
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    Dec 2005
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    Thanks for the insights... very interesting...

    This has all been a R&D side project... I figured the only way to get answers was to 'enter the arena' and get my feet wet...

    On a similar vein.... Rob

    Over the christmas period (hence my enquiries to a few members on here), I reg'ed a number of celeb names...

    Results from them have been quite varied BUT, interesting:

    1) .coms shift quicker.

    2) Male celebs are less appealing.

    3) For the sake of better words, the 'hotter' the babe, the higher the traffic and interest...

    From exp. I found the average offer price (negotiated out)... for an 'female hottie' tends to be £200 - £350+ with initial bids starting around £75 - £125.

    Offers from fansite wanna-be's and fans tend to come thick and fast... Usually to result in nothing... subsequently being a pain and time consuming...

    IMO - Again, proving the case for generics and multi purpose names....

    I'd agree Rob, it is really more of a 'punt' than investment...
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