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Cheap backlinks for sale

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by Frog, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I own a few blogs, I'd like to sell links on them. At least count we had about 950 of them, various niches.

    I have been selling blog posts to various UK companies, using native writers and obviously charging native rates. I think a cheaper package is probably more suited to Acorn, so what I propose to do is use my new Filipino writer to do them and keep costs down. Ultimately, a link is a link is a link - it doesn't matter if the content surrounding it isn't 100% perfect.

    All of the blogs in each niche are on separate IP's - most of them separate c-classes. They are all USA hosted .com/net/org's. None of the blogs are particularly anything special. Just a reasonably good source of cheap anchor text links. Looking down a list of 600 of them now, 290 have pagerank (pr1-4), with the rest being pagerank 0. I will spread any orders around a fair mix of pagerank as best I can, depending on the niche of what you want linked to.

    Price is £5 per permanent blog post, 1 link per post. Minimum order is 50 posts. The min order is non negotiable - if I start having to send invoices and process orders for 4 x £5 posts I'm going to be working for near min wage :) You can split the links around as many sites of yours as you like to make up the 50, and we can spread them over whatever time scale you want.

    We can process these orders in 1 of 2 ways - you can order via our UK company, and get an invoice with VAT on top of the £5/post, and pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Or my girlfriend can process your order (paypal only), she can give you a Czech invoice but isn't VAT registered so won't be able to charge you VAT...

    Current breakdown of blog numbers by topic:

    * Automotive (10)
    * Cellphone / Tech (17)
    * Education (2)
    * Fashion (95)
    * Finance (300)
    * Gambling (103)
    * General Men (20)
    * General Women (20)
    * Health (50)
    * Hobbies (3)
    * Home Improvement (6)
    * Insurance (50)
    * Jewellery (3)
    * Legal (20)
    * News (4)
    * Pharmacy (20)
    * Real Estate (4)
    * Shopping (30)
    * Travel (100)
    * Webmaster (19)
    * Wedding (10)
    * XXX (20)

    Right now I only intend to use 1 writer for these cheap post orders (if its popular, I'll hire more). So 1st come, first serve. A 50 post order should take 2-3 days to complete, I think.

    Since I'm using a non native writer, I can't 100% guarantee that the content itself will be great, and I can't 100% guarantee not to take slightly longer than I'm estimating time wise. But I'd assume both of those downsides are more than compensated for by the fact the links are less than half of the normal price.

    Since it would be a massive conflict of interest to do cheap link building for competitors of my current seo clients, I reserve the right to turn down any order - feel free to tell me your specific niche only first and I can let you know.

    For now I only want to have 1 open order at any time, so post SOLD to claim first spot and we can sort details. Any questions, you can either post them here or PM if you'd prefer.


    Edit - 100 sold, so writer fully booked for now. If you have any questions or want to book the next spot let me know - first come, first served.
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