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Classifieds ish in WP

Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by jimm, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. jimm United Kingdom

    jimm Active Member

    Feb 2008
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    A while ago somone with a car related site was showing off their brilliant classifieds site built with WP. I cant find the post now Ive come to need the info. Does anyone remember it or does anyone have any any good info on the idea?

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. fish United Kingdom

    fish Well-Known Member

    Nov 2006
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    what you are after is Classipress. theres v 3 coming out end December early jan so you may want to wait as previous versions may not be able to be upgraded (it's a major overhaul)

  4. retired_member13

    retired_member13 Banned

    Jul 2009
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    Did you mean ?
  5. jimm United Kingdom

    jimm Active Member

    Feb 2008
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    Thats the bad boy cheers and thanks Fish it does look like classipress. Cheers for the tip about the upgrade too.
  6. tifosi United Kingdom

    tifosi Well-Known Member

    Oct 2004
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    Looking forward to the v3 - got the developer licence but holding off projects until v3. Hopefully it will have better payment gateway support. From the updates v3:
    -Completely rebuilt and redesigned product backend and UI for a
    much cleaner and professional look
    -Featured ads module is larger and will use a jquery carousel that
    automatically rotates through your featured ads
    -Built in blog option so you can now post articles on your classipress site
    -User image editing. Your customers can now add, remove, or delete
    their images straight from their edit ad dashboard.
    -Ad details within WordPress post edit section are grouped together
    in a new "ad" module instead of down below as separate custom fields
    -Multi-step ad posting that shows a summary page before submitting a new ad
    -Tighter integration with PayPal
    -Set the number of image uploads allowed per ad submission
    -Ad package manager. Build your own ad packages (i.e. 30 days $5, 60 days $7, etc)
    so customers can get discounts for longer term commitments
    -Coupon code option. Promote your site by building and distributing
    special coupons.
    -PayPal subscription option to automatically
    -Email reminders sent to both you and the ad owner once an ad is set to expire
    -Ability to add your own custom fields
    -Better category displaying. There will be a new mega tab that will
    show all your categories which allows for growth
    -Replaced thumbnail image code with popular TimThumb. Easy to resize
    images to your own dimensions.
    -Less plugins required. A breadcrumb is now built into CP
    -Larger ad thumbnail images on the home and category pages.
    -Individual ad images are at the top of the ad which also includes
    a new image preview module.
    -Homepage now contains a right-hand sidebar with an "about your site" module
    -Contact poster sidebar module includes a bcc option so you know
    when ad posters are being contacted.
    -New poster's other items sidebar module shows what else is listed
    by the same owner. Includes a thumbnail image as well.
    -New similar items section shows other relevant ads to help promote
    your other listed items. Also includes a thumbnail image.
    -Cleaner sign-up and login page without a sidebar
    -Additional sidebars so you can have different widgets on your blog
    posts vs your ads
    -Enhanced comments section and ad poster styled comments. When the
    ad poster comments on the ad, it identifies him/her as the ad owner
    -RSS feeds available at the category-level
    -Record the ad poster's IP address with the submission
    -and much more!
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