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CMS/E-Commerce/PHP developer available

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by ribble-valley, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. ribble-valley United Kingdom

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    Hello, I am currently booking work having finished development of a group of sites over the past 3 years for a very happy client.

    Programming since age 11 in 1986 on a ZX Spectrum I have 15yrs e-commerce experience, 6yrs Drupal, and with this comes plenty of PHP experience creating custom modules for Drupal and occasionally Wordpress ones too.

    Complex requests and challenges are my thing, automation is the future! Examples of the kind of tasks I'm useful for...

    • e-commerce
    • ticketing / booking
    • automation
    • bulk email marketing
    • auctions / classifieds
    • affiliate programs
    • user uploads
    • pdf creation from dynamic data
    • reporting and analytics
    • barcodes
    • price comparison
    • warehousing (packing slips/barcodes/postage)
    • trade / bulk / dynamic pricing
    • discount structures
    • stock management
    • XML/CSV (both parsing and creating)
    • normalising multiple data feeds
    • contextual display of content (i.e. based on visitor source, day of week)
    • feeding Google merchant centre (and others)
    • Google Ad-Words dynamic landing pages
    • logic

    ...and lots more.

    My rates are excellent value for money, unlike the price of nappies, baby food and clothes it will no doubt be getting spent on. ;)

    Feel free to ask me anything by PM and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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