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cost of cyber crime but figures don’t add up…

Discussion in 'General Board' started by namealot, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. namealot United Kingdom

    namealot Well-Known Member

    May 2008
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    The latest government the report tells where its going but the sums are £700m out what accountant added it up…?
    £2.2bn + £3.1bn. + £21bn = £27........? no wonder the counties f…up

    When a report is inaccurate does it lose any form of credibility or just look like scare mongering with ulterior motives..

    The full report for those of you that like fiction….

    My fav bit "2.2bn per annum from extortion, with large
    companies being targeted (although our
    estimates are largely illustrative because
    we believe this type of cyber crime goes
    largely unreported);" "illustrative"! is that a new word for made up ...?
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  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. jasman United Kingdom

    jasman Active Member

    Jul 2006
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    Looks like a load of bollocks to me. Your standard government sanctioned report from their buddies ahem!, I mean 'the experts' giving the government what they asked for i.e. Give us a report with conclusions which support our agenda [or you won't be getting any more work from us and we'll get someone else to redo the report anyway]

    And it goes into no detail. The methodology for the estimates is not explained openly but instead seems to be based on an abstract model - "we have developed a causal model, relating different cyber crime types to their
    impact on the UK economy. The model provided a simple framework to assess each type of cyber crime for its various impacts on citizens, businesses and the Government"

    Later the report says: "We then calculated the magnitude of the
    costs of cyber crime using three-point estimates (worst-case, most-likely case and best-case scenarios), focusing in particular on IP theft
    and industrial espionage and its effect on the different industry sectors"

    So rather than focus on cyber crime for which reported figures are readily available from the police, DTI etc e.g. online credit card fraud, identity theft, ebay counterfeit sales etc they cook up some gigantic estimate for "IP theft and industrial espionage and its effect on the different industry sectors", then use that to balloon the overal crime stats. No doubt the powers that be asked for a report that would legitimise bringing in new powers to regulate the Internet further.

    But one suspects that is not the only interest at play. The report was put together by a subsidiary of BAE the giant defence company, so it would be in their interests to lobby for another ficticious war which would bring in more defence contracts, this time 'cyber defence contracts'. If you ask someone whether a problem exists and then tell them there could be lots of future contracts available if it does, don't be surprised if they turn around and tell you a huge problem exists!
  4. crabfoot United Kingdom

    crabfoot Active Member

    Jan 2009
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    It means "this is a guess, but it's the best guess they can find" ...
  5. afx United Kingdom

    afx Active Member Exclusive Member

    Oct 2005
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    Yup, more false evidence and creation of a grossly over exaggerated enemy to aid the creation of new laws that will enable greater control of information dressed up as "Internet Regulation" for the benefit of society. IMO these laws will have already been decided and will be implemented.
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