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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by Domainate, Mar 16, 2011.

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    The domain is for sale.

    This is one I've had for quite some time and one of my favorite .orgs. (and I specialize in them so have several hundred of them!)

    Any entity you might plan on creating for doing any sort of interesting project should have a home on this domain. .org has for a long time conveyed trust and authority, so if you keep that in mind with the development, the name will make you huge!

    To be perfectly honest, I may end up keeping it if I don't sell it this time around since my father is an inventor, but I've had a name lined up for him for longer that he's likely going to go with (which is not for sale :p), so this is expendable at least for the time being. Not that it takes anything away from how much I like it!

    Price: $900 (£560)

    Payment options include PayPal (must be approved by us), Google Checkout (must be approved by us), bank wire or escrow via (buyer pays escrow fees). Multi-forum post, timestamp determines who gets the domain. Post or PM SOLD with which names you wish to buy. All sales are final.
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