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    97 Affiliate Program Announced

    To coincide with the new look Website, has announced the addition of a new affiliate program.

    Webmasters based in the UK are now being offered a percentage of all profits generated by the referrals they provide by promoting the dating based website.

    Whether advertising using banners or links on their site or through promotion in opt-in newsletters, webmasters can now look forward to 10% of the profits they generate.

    Site manager Ross Llewelyn said, “We are offering a simple yet effective tool for singles to meet new people so we wanted to emulate this simplicity in our affiliate scheme. Using our own in house system, with every transaction made by a referred customer, 10% is automatically calculated and added to the affiliates balance.”

    The system works by linking the customer to the affiliates account and will continue to provide the 10% every time a transaction is made for the life of the program, better still, if a referred customer doesn’t sign up straight away they will remain linked with that affiliate for a month meaning they will still receive the 10% commission should the customer decide to sign up anytime within that period.

    Ross added, “We will be using the affiliate scheme as a big marketing tool so we are currently working on more incentives for our affiliate members, I can’t say much more yet but I can confirm that they will be offered to all new and existing members of the program.”

    The affiliate program is open to webmasters in the UK only, if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, visit the affiliates section of the Website at

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