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Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by feKIX, Jan 8, 2015.

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    5 year old keyword/generic domain:

    Available with current website (approx 120 pages) which runs on an easy to use content management system - therefore no coding skills needed - if it's required it can be handed over with the minimum of fuss.

    Website was only built 3-4 months ago yet is already popping up with page 1 listings in the search engines thanks to the domain; try searching a particular strain of daffodil (ie' green pearl daffodil, bantam daffodil bulbs, etc).

    No stock is required to run this site; I will give you wholesale supplier details too, mark up is anywhere between 10-55% (not dropshipping BTW). The way I currently run it is make the order with supplier once an order has been placed and paid for on the site - therefore no outlay either.

    Notes: Website shop works with a paypal account. Daffodil season is normally Oct-Dec, so this would make a good mid-winter income addition for a landscaper, those within the industry, etc. Notable customers thus far include a Chelsea Flower Show winner and a few local authorities. The gardening industry continues to thrive even in these adverse economic times.

    Looking for offers. Please send any offer by PM only. Further details are available on request.
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